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Traveling, being on the beach, breathing the fresh, salty air.

Feeling the sea, the sand and the Sun on your skin.

This is the kind of vibe the brand wants to radiate with every single piece. LaBelled Jewellery is nature’s inspiration. The brand was born in 2021 Summer, in the heart of Central Europe, Budapest, with a mission to help to embrace the modern spirit of all kind, who goes against the norm and self-express with fashion and style. The owner and creator of the magical pieces, Barbara, mom-of-two, started her business, when her bigger son was 2 years old, and the little one was only born 3 months ago. She is managing all her role as mom, woman, wife and entrepreneur as an absolute girlboss.

The necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are

limited pieces, mostly made to order

and 80% of the packaging are made of recycled materials to easen a little bit on Mother Earth. Pearls can truly cause addiction. The goal of LaBelled is to create something unique and personalized for their customers to feel special, beautiful and empowered:

to Be labelled as You.


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